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Quality Policy

Decolux, with its Quality Management, which has been sensitive since the day it was founded, always acts with a problem-free raw material in production and every control principle. Providing the best possible production and providing trouble-free products is our company's primary goal and ranks 1st among our company values.

Decolux has been manufacturing since 1975 with state-of-the-art equipment.

Our company has ISO 9001 certificate, which reflects our continuous development and total quality management approach, has formed the basis of the understanding of quality with this system.

In order to offer the highest quality picture frames, decoration profiles, furniture profiles and paintable skirting profiles, we select our raw material suppliers precisely and routinely test them.

We provide high-quality decorative home improvement solutions, offering differentiated products to meet specific customer needs.

We continue to produce aesthetic, smooth and quality products with our skilled quality control employees at every stage of our production.